Where Have We Been?

Where Have We Been?

It’s definitely been awhile since we’ve connected through our newsletters. So where have we been? Sitting right here in Bancroft among the energy of the crystals, surfing the intense waves of energy that seem to have completely transformed us on a deep and profound cellular-spiritual-multidimensional DNA level.
Admittedly it’s been really hard to muster up words to share with you all while we’ve been undergoing such intensive processes. Many times I would sit in front of my computer with the intention of writing a newsletter and just feel blank. There really are no words to describe this depth of change. Similarly I would think caterpillars in the midst of a deep change would not really have the energy or complete understanding to explain what is happening to them while in the process of becoming a butterfly, yet a deep knowing of monumental changes would be present. There’s no longer a connection to who/what we were, yet we can’t quite identify to what is becoming. This process has been well underway with Richard and I for the last 2-2.5 years!  (Transformers, more than meets the eye! Singing a song from a Transformer’s movie)

 Caterpillar to Butterfly
Now that we are solidly into 2018, we are feeling an opening occurring and some space to begin sharing again. We do look forward to hearing from all of you as well. How have you been the last while? Are you aware of the depth of change the collective has been going through? Feel free to share your experiences here or simply send us an email newsletter@heartofunity.com if you do not wish to share publicly.
We look forward to engaging with you more in future.

In Unity,

Monica & Richard

Blue butterflies


Sagittarius New Moon and 11:11:11:22 Gateway

November 29 is not only a new moon in Sagittarius, but a very powerful numerological influence as well. I was noticing other spiritual writers talking about 11:11:11 and the new moon and realized they were missing something important…the Master Number 22, which is HUGE! Let’s break it all down.

Sag The Huntress

New moons give us support for planting seeds and setting goals for what we want to manifest in our lives. This particular new moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, represented by the hunter/huntress. Sag will encourage expansion in all things as the ruling planet is Jupiter, known as the benefactor of gifts and abundance. With Jupiter ruling the Sagittarian Huntress (pictured above)she is fearless in focusing on her target. The new moon sliver crescent enhancing her bow adds extra power to her ability to focus on new ventures.

The numerology of this day also needs to be carefully considered to make the most of this auspicious day. There are some rare alignments to be sure!! We have 4 Master Numbers that lend power to the new beginnings of the new moon. Where do the numbers 11:11:11:22 come from and what do they really mean in our lives?

11: November is the 11th month.11:11:11

11: The 29th 2+9 is also an 11.

11: The universal month (year 2016 plus 11 month 1+1+2+0+1+6=11) is also an 11.

So far this gives us an 11:11:11, which is quite powerful in itself. Master number 11 when repeated is said to be a gateway of manifestation, good luck, open connection to Universal energies, and awakening to higher consciousness. When this influence is at play we are connected and aligned with our intuitive aspects and can more easily receive clear guidance as well.

22: When we add the day, month, and year together we get a 22 vibration day. Every day of the month is done this way in numerology and I was surprised to see others had missed this. 22 is the number of The Master Builder in a spiritual sense. What will you use this energy to build? Are you brave enough to create a new paradigm? 

We are also wrapping up a Universal 9 year (2+0+1+6=9) which is the energy of endings and completion. We are collectively finishing up so many themes so we can create and move into the new beginnings of 2017, which is a year of 1 and new beginnings. We are in that phase where we get to begin to feel the energy of the 1 year just on the horizon and can begin planting seeds toward a new cycle with the energy of the new moon and all of the 11 energy November has brought us.

Let’s recap what this all means. We have a positive Sagittarius New Moon that encourages us to expand our visions and dream big goals. Adding to that is a very powerful 11:11:11 awakening and aligning us to Universal energies and manifestation potentials with 22, The Master Builder within inspiring us to build our dreams. Excellent day for a vision board? Spend time focusing on what you want to create and get some work done on it while the energy is fresh. The Universe is supporting you now. Heads up, Mercury is going retrograde again in December and will have us going back to fine tune what we missed this 9 year! I will write more on that later.

Enjoy this very special day

Monica 🙂

Heart + Unity = Transformation

Tips To Expand Your Intuition

Intuition is quite natural to every human being. It’s that “gut feeling” you get that tells you something/someone is right or wrong. It’s also a “knowing” without knowing where the knowing comes from. Some call it the GPS of the soul, which I find rather fitting as a GPS is intended to help us find our way. Intuition GPS

So how do we make sure we are tuned into our soul’s GPS and receiving signals at maximum capacity? Heavy cloud cover or ice build up on a satellite dish can mess up internet/tv receptivity, and in a similar way we as receptors of messages through our soul’s GPS can have static, interference, or total blackout. The GPS and satellite need to have a clear pathway between them in order for the signal to get through. Without that clear pathway we may find ourselves repeatedly taking wrong turns in life and feeling as if we’ve lost our way.

Let’s talk about clearing our personal atmosphere so we can receive strong signals. Satellite Signals Some people are surprised when I begin workshops on intuitive, psychic mediumship development with the list of what I’m about to share with you. I think it’s because many have the impression that with the right meditation practice, some exercises and crystals they can open up and expand their natural gifts. While meditation is definitely important and crystals can be quite helpful, the truth is there are so many other variables in busy modern lives that leave our GPS units with static screens.

Let’s go over that list and know that you can always research these points yourself and expand your own knowledge. You don’t want a static screen on your intuitive GPS! Here are important things to eliminate or limit usage of:

  1. Fluoride. It’s in our water supply, dental treatments, and toothpaste and it affects our pineal gland which is considered to be our 3rd eye and spiritual sight centre. Very important for developing intuition!! The type of fluoride used in our water and dental products is actually toxic and there’s a growing movement to have it removed from the drinking water in many communities across the USA and Canada. Here’s some excellent information with a video you can watch. I stopped fluoride treatments a long time ago and use an herbal toothpaste that is free of such chemicals. I am also on a natural well system and carry my own water everywhere I go.
  2. WIFI, EMF, Cell Phones, Microwaves: If you have WIFI in your home make sure you at least shut it off when you sleep at night! WIFI is actually quite dangerous and is thought to be a cause of many serious health issues. It also causes harm to the intuitive centres. So many schools are WIFI’d and the new trend is to WIFI downtown areas, public parks etc… Several communities are taking action to have WIFI removed from schools. France actually removed all WIFI from schools and replaced the hard wired internet system at a huge cost. Some reading you may wish to do on the subject. Cell phones should be shut off at night. So many people sleep with their cell phones on and use them as alarm clocks. YIKES!! DId you know that both WIFI & cell phones also negatively affect the pineal gland? The research does not speak to the dangers to the aura and energy bodies but I can tell you that I can really feel it when I’ve been around those energies too much and it’s not good. I can also tell if a client has been bombarded by these lower vibrational frequencies by the look and feel of their aura. Here’s an excellent article on some of the health effects. Smart meters, baby monitors, & smart appliances of any kind emit dangerous WIFI. Chordless and cell phones are troublesome. Limit the use and learn about the use of crystals such as shungite and orgonite, There are so many other products to protect yourself, your home, children, and pets. Also, DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR FOOD!!!!!!!! We don’t have a microwave oven in our home.
  3. Food Matters: Genetically modified foods (GMO), preservatives, additives, and unhealthy cooking oils, and fast food are not only bad for our physical health but for our energy bodies too. Sweets and wheat are a toxic combination. Have you noticed yourself feel sluggish when you aren’t eating well? Perhaps you feel tired and fuzzy headed when eating poorly. Eating unhealthy food is the equivalent of placing heavy clouds over your intuitive satellite dish. You are going to have crappy reception! Occasional fasting or juicing is really helpful in clearing up your energy. Eat as naturally as you can and learn more about foods. You are what you eat. And remember, if your food or beverage says “diet”, “fat free,” or “low sodium” it should really be read CHEMICAL S#IT STORM.
  4. Alcohol/Drug Use: I know many of you may not want to hear this but alcohol consumption (intoxication) and recreational drug use not only clouds your judgement but your intuitive gifts are hugely compromised. This includes marijuana and magic mushrooms. If you are a regular smoker you can be assured your intuitive centres are out of whack. Marijuana is a sacred medicine but is not intended to be used the way it now is. When drugs and alcohol are involved I’ve seen astral beings attach themselves to people and begin to cause problems. When you are not fully conscious (sober) your spirit (not your soul and there’s a difference) actually moves away from your body leaving you open to astral entity attachments. The astral realms are like cloud cover to your intuitive satellite dish. There’s a reason why alcohol is called spirits!
  5. Stress: When you are under an immense amount of stress your adrenal glands become fatigued from being in a constant state of fight or flight. Your other glands also become depleted and your systems go off balance. It has also been noted that antidepressant medications and other drugs such as valium, lorazapan, sleeping pills etc. have significant effects on the pineal gland. I see grey around the head in the aura from this (as well as alcohol & drug use).You likely already guessed this also causes the interference in your GPS.       Static screen

Here are some effective ways to clear up the signal from your satellite to your dish.

  1. Take regular sea salt and epsom salt baths. This will relax you and draw out physical toxins while cleansing your chakras and your aura. Add some pure essential oils (lavender?)
  2. Drink plenty of water and be sure to say prayers over your water. This is such a powerful process and also applies to your bathwater above. Watch this video on water.
  3. Smudge with sage regularly to clear your aura and your space.
  4. Listen to sound healing music. Email me if you would like suggestions on the matter heartofunity@gmail.com
  5. Wear crystals that make you feel good and smudge them regularly too.
  6. Spend time in nature. Hug a tree. It’s very grounding and helps you to connect to the earth vibrations.
  7. Walk barefoot when you can as healing ions are taken in through the feet.
  8. Breathe deeply several times a day.
  9. Learn meditation practices and learn to discipline the mind.

As you can see there are many things to know about this and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I do intend to write more useful articles. Maybe some shorter ones! hahaha Feel free to comment, email me, and share this post on social media. The author consents to sharing this article in whole or in part with acknowledgements to the author Monica Lumley-Piercey and website www.heartofunity.com .

Much love,

Monica Lumley-Piercey

Heart of Unity


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Pisces- Earth And Water

There is no hiding from the intense energy that September 2016 is packing!! It’s only half over too. In terms of numerology influences (see previous article on numerology here ) this year resonates to the number 9, which signifies endings and completion of cycles as well as humanitarian issues and commUNITY consciousness. September being the 9th month (& with Mercury Retrograde & 2 eclipses) is certainly showing what we need to heal in order to become an enlightened humanity operating in UNITY consciousness.  And if we are personally in denial of something significant that our higher self wants us to heal throughout this, we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces on Sept 16th to rattle loose what is missed!

UNITY September’s astrological and numerological energies are unfolding in the Earth sign of Virgo (Mercury retrograde 30 Aug – 22 Sept & solar eclipse 1 Sept) with 16th full moon eclipse in Pisces. What is our current relationship status with earth, water and UNITY? It’s complicated. Stay with me here. I’ve connected some rather interesting dots. I love the puzzles of the great mystery!!
What I feel is important to mention is that the Indigenous have known for centuries that this very important time in our evolution would come. It is quite something to see these prophesies unfold and note the astrological and numerological influences that are supporting this very movement.

The prophesies speak of a time that the Red Race would come together after being put through major suffering at the hands of their human family members that would come from the east from about 1600-2000 ad, or the time of the 7th Fire Prophesy.  After the year 2000 the 8th Fire began and we are moving into a new era. The Prophesy of the 8th Fire in brief speaks of our Earth Mother going through a healing cleanse due to the sickness (greed & destruction) occurring within and through humanity. We have caused this!! The Red Race is foreseen to rise up in defense of our Mother from humanity’s sickness and lead the way to true UNITY consciousness, teaching us all how to live in connection with creation again. We have definitely lost our way. 8th Fire

The planetary influences this month in particular are supporting personal and collective cleansing/healing through the retrograde of Mercury (30 Aug – 22 Sept) in it’s home sign of earthy Virgo and a new moon solar eclipse (also in Virgo Sept 1st). We are being strongly encouraged to assess our connection to the very earth that we live upon. How do we communicate with each other and with all of life upon the earth?

How about water? A full moon lunar eclipse (Sept 16th) in emotional and watery Pisces really brings our connection to the waters to our forefront. We are mostly made of water. How many Indigenous tribes are standing up on behalf of the Earth Mother to try and stop the destruction of sacred waters. Look at what is happening in North Dakota right now with over 100 tribes from all over the Americas coming together (the joining in solidarity of the eagle & the condor) to protect the water. This situation has been gaining momentum and global attention and I suspect the eclipse is going to rattle some things loose as eclipses tend to bring the hidden to the surface and there are often some surprise elements.

Now to tie in the numerology of the number 9, of which there are 3 days with a quadruple 9 influence in September (9th, 18th & 27th). Nine is pushing us to move out of ego control (me, mine, I, exclusive) and into UNITY consciousness (you, ours, we, everyone, inclusive). Nine invites us to find ways to come together for the good of all creation and it is all playing out under the influence of earth and water in astrology. Humanity is coming together with the Red Race leading the way for the Black, White and Yellow to live in harmony with the Earth & water. Nine is asking us to find ways to live well together and in peace, to find new ways to get along with our environment. There’s no room for personal gain at the expense of the whole when this quadruple 9 influence is sweeping through the collective. (see numerology article link above)

In summary, the planetary influences are aligning for us to really closely examine our connection to the earth and the waters with the numerological influences pushing us to come together as one. These are such profound times and we are the spiritual warriors who have all incarnated with this task at hand.

Unity Consciousness

A Special Numerology Forecast For September

Three Incredible Power Dates To Be Aware Of

I would have to vote September as the most profound month I’ve seen yet, and it’s just getting started. I’m excited!! Yes, it would even outshine 2012 for being a heavy hitter in the alchemy of the spiritual human evolving. I personally thought the universe had a real sense of humour in placing 2 eclipses within a Mercury Retrograde cycle, so we could start the fall season off with a fall cleanse.
Then I found myself wondering what numerological significance was happening since September is a 9 vibration and 2016 is also a 9 vibration there must be something special happening. I was surprised to find 3 powerful dates with a quadruple 9 energy!!

This is how the math works in numerology:

Year 2016 is added until we get a single digit number 2+0+1+6= 9

Month September is of course the number 9

Day Three dates Sept 9th= 9

Sept 18th 1+8= 9

Sept 27th 2+7= 9

Universal Number is obtained when you add the year, month and day and is also reduced to a single digit. And in the case of September all 3 days incredibly add up to a 9, giving us a total of 3 quadruple 9 days!!!!!!

The number 9 speaks of compassion, kindness, the greater good of all over the personal desires, giving back, and commUNITY. It also speaks of completion of cycles. As a 9 vibration year we’ve been experiencing endings as we’ve been called to let go of old karmic goo we’ve been carting along. For some this has meant a rough ride and others have been in the position of being calm and grounded to hold space for the rest to pass through personal clearing cycles.

September has a huge influx of this energy, not only with the quadruple 9, but with a Mercury Retrograde with 2 eclipses to force us to let go and let something much bigger steer the ship. Egos have been driving this ship for far too long and consciousness has had enough. There’s a new game in town!!

Time for UNITY and that time is NOW. One way to work with this magical energy is to be aware of “my will” versus “thy will.” When we try to manifest for personal gain it is a case of “my will,” aka the ego, and when we manifest for the good of the whole then we are operating from our highest self or “thy will.” When we let go of “my will” and grow into “thy will” then we create space for some spectacular shifts to happen as our highest selves has so much more in store for us than our ego selves could ever dream up!!

On September 9, 2016 and the 1st of 3 quad 9 energy dates we are hosting a Cultural Teaching Circle with Elders Mark & Wendy Phillips with the topic of spirit helpers/guides. Details are here and we hope you are able to join us. Spirit Helpers

I would also suggest you keep an eye on the happenings at Standing Rock in North Dakota. Powerful prophesy is unfolding there as all nations are coming together in UNITY this month as the Indigenous People of Turtle Island (North America) lead the way with the energy of 9 for the greater good of the entire planet. These are quite significant times!! We will also be discussing this as we kick off the fall season of Mystical Monday Radio with guests, Mark & Wendy Phillips discussing prophesy and what is unfolding for us during the 8th Fire Prophesy. Important times indeed!! 8th Fire

August-September Energies 2016

2016 has been quite busy and frankly I’ve not been in the space to write newsletters. I’m happy to say that I’m back at it for now and it feels great to be in touch again. Thanks for your patience.

Happy full moon almost eclipse!! Tonight (Aug 18th) is not only a full moon, but the first of a set of three eclipses spaced 2 weeks apart. The energy feels fairly positive on this one, although lunar eclipses usually bring about endings and bring our shadow side up for viewing and healing.

The reason this eclipse is different is because it is a very slight eclipse and won’t really show us the shadow side. In fact it barely gets a mention.  Almost Eclipse

It is however, a precursor to the new moon solar eclipse of September 1st and then the full moon lunar eclipse 2 weeks after that, which are both occurring during a Mercury Retrograde cycle within Virgo.

Mercury Retro AheadWhat does this mean? Tie up loose ends. Ask yourself what old patterns can be resolved. What ego layers are you ready to let go of? Being in denial of unhealthy habits and unhealed patterns will not make September an easy ride for anyone!!

It seems 2016 has been an intense ride for so many as humanity is going through an intense purge on the way to collective awakening. The last 6 months for sure have been incredibly busy and this month is allowing us the opportunity to finish up with old business and make room for new.

July, August and this full moon seem refreshing in comparison to the previous energetics that we’ve all been through in 2016’s big ego grinder. I’ve been so incredibly busy this month but with activities that I’ve enjoyed, like spending time with my granddaughter who happens to be Ojibway & Cree and is having the opportunity to really delve into her Indigenous culture while here. So many other wonderful and miraculous things are brewing that I can’t write about yet but promise to very soon have also come into our awareness during the end of July and the first half of August. Richard and I will have more to report soon enough.

The Oracle Message: the_awakening_by_cygx1In pondering what the full moon energy of tonight is intended to bring to humanity I can’t help but feel like awakening and divine gifts are being bestowed to those who are willing to receive them. Truths will reveal themselves that we can no longer ignore so we can prepare space for new journeys to unfold. This full moon feels quite magical even in light of so many difficult world events.

What is the best way to handle the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde in September? Meditate, meditate, and then meditate some more. Seek inside for your answers. Despite what the outer circumstances are looking like we are each being called to know ourselves in a deeply intimate and divine way. Be still and breathe. Pay attention to your triggers and unhealed parts and address each as they come up. These dynamics are so much easier to navigate when we each take personal responsibility for the state of our lives. Stillness and observation from within are keywords for the month of September.

All of creation is going through a massive shift and humanity is being rattled awake. When you are being personally rattled, go within the stillness, meditate and ask what you personally need to be aware of, let go of, heal, etc….. We are in unprecedented times and we can no longer keep trying to live in the same way. How open are you to a complete change of your reality? Would love to hear your comments….

The Craziest Five Planet Retrograde Ever!!

2016 is proving to be quite intense. This year many have predicted huge shifts in consciousness and within the Earth herself.  Just think if what we’ve seen the last few months in the news headlines. From the cartoonish elections in the USA to environmental disasters, crazy weather, celebrity deaths, wildfires, etc…. it has become so clear that something unusual is happening.

The planets appear to be conspiring to shake us up as a total of five went into retrograde motion beginning in April. (Retrograde planets appear to have a backward motion in relation to Earth’s orbit and therefore the influence of that planet changes.) Mercury of course was among them. Talk about heavy hitters!! We had five planets pushing us to dig deep into our psyche to face our shadows, purge what is inauthentic, and deal with some of our greatest fears. Think of what you’ve been dealing with for the last 6 weeks to get a sense of how you’ve been individually impacted. We are each affected by these planetary bodies in our own unique way.

I began this bizarre retrograde period feeling like nothing much was going to happen and actually thought I might not be affected as things seemed to flow with relative ease. This changed rather abruptly when my 24 year old daughter was hospitalized with symptoms related to her heart. Gina was born with a valve defect and has been closely monitored by cardiologists her entire life. She has never needed medication or any other intervention up to this point. We knew she would eventually require a valve replacement and she was in process of planning this with her medical team to happen at some point much further down the road.

Gina presurgery

Gina being prepped for surgery

Gina had a sudden decline in her condition where her aortic valve was narrowed to the size of a pin hole and had an aortic aneurysm that was on the verge of bursting. All 5 planets were in full swing retrograde and we were all pushed to our limits. Retrograde forces a going back to correct, reassess, re-evaluate, recreate, release, review….. I think you get the idea and we multiply that by 5. In Gina’s case she had her heart reconstructed, rebuilt, part of her aorta replaced. She’s been renewed as we all have been along with her.

As luck would have it I had just taken a course in English wildflower remedies based on the work of Dr. Bach, and I was then prepared with my new full kit of remedies to assist everyone. This, along with my own centering and intuitive practices really helped me to move through this with a lot more ease and grace. I also administered to Gina as soon as I arrived in Ottawa and kept it going throughout her processes. I was in the ICU right after surgery and applying to her ankles. Since this is vibrational medicine it does not interfere with medications or anything else the docs were doing, but helps one to heal through the trauma of the current situation, along with releasing patterns of the past. Thanks to the Christopher family of Alypsis in Peterborough for offering these fine products and courses. I’m going to be offering wildflower remedy consults to my list of services in the near future.

Listening to intuition and being fully in the now has been a theme for me for awhile and it has really paid off in this case. This is how to get through a retrograde period with the best results. Spirit definitely has our backs and sends what we need when we need it. It is up to us to pay attention to the signs as they arise. I was following intuition when I took the flower remedy course which actually prepared me to handle the situation. I was my own client and had already been working through stuff.

Gina post-op

Gina right after surgery. She asked us to take this photo

Spirit orchestrated so many wonderful things during this time. Gina had THE valve doc, #1 in Canada and among the top 3 in the world to conduct her surgery. He was also able to perform a less invasive surgery than was originally thought as he repaired the valve and did not need to replace it. This was significant! Family accommodations attached to the hospital were excellent and we were given a 2 bedroom suite at the rate of a 1 bedroom. Online fundraising went over the goal in a short time so financial concerns were lifted and all Gina’s needs met.

I certainly had my moments of fear and doubt. Trust me, I was not walking in a perpetual state of zen!! My child was having major open heart surgery. I was able to get to center and tune into the currents of what was unfolding and I was able to take guided action and hear messages. I was continually hearing that she would be ok, and that she was in good hands. This was a part of her life’s journey. I believe she is still in the process of rebuilding her life (evaluating who and what stays and goes) with a new heart to help guide her on the path. She’s an old soul and an inspiration to me.

Gina only 2 weeks and 1 day after surgery.

Gina only 2 weeks and 1 day after surgery.

We all wish to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts, constant supportive messages, prayers, and healing, financial contributions, and offers of assistance. It was certainly felt every moment of the way!

Huge heart hugs to all!! And a special shout out to my love Richard who was my rock throughout.

Now how has your retrograde season been? Let’s talk!!



Monica’s Oracle Message: Saturn’s Influence on Humanity

SaturnHow did everyone fair through the March eclipses? I know many found the energy intense and I was hearing of so many endings, beginnings, changes, and some surprises in the mix too. Others seemed to glide right on through with little going on. I found myself in a flow of sorts. I’ve learned to go with the flow and be ready to change directions at a moments notice so I didn’t find it particularly challenging in my personal sphere. Feel free to share your experiences by return email or post a comment here.

On to other planets and themes in our lives now. 2016 is a very pivotal year in the collective unfolding. Saturn is currently moving through Sagittarius for the next 2 1/2 years and is now in a retrograde motion. Saturn can be a heavy hitter and is sometimes known as the taskmaster of the zodiac. He wants to make sure we evolve and learn our personal lessons. You can think of him like a firm yet loving parent that won’t let you get away with anything!! No shortcuts in doing your chores. Saturn will notice the dirt you hid under the proverbial rug and will not only point it out and demand you clean it up, but will completely remove the rug if that is what is required for you to get it. Saturn’s influence is meant to make us the shiniest and most spiritually mature version of ourselves that we can be. It is not meant as a cruel and unusual punishment.

Alchemically speaking Saturn represents lead which needs to undergo an intense process to become gold. That perspective can be applied to our personal journey as our shadow sides and egos are like lead and we are spiritual beings evolving into gold. Saturn is here to help us identify our individual internal lead and pushes the process of spiritual alchemy.Saturn Alchemy

With Saturn now in a retrograde motion we are being given the opportunity to go back to the past and get real honest about ourselves. No more lies. Clean up the dust bunnies under the bed and fess up to leaving them there in the first place. Take a good look at your life and see where you may be dishonest with yourself. Do you hide who you really are and hold back on expressing yourself for fear of judgement from others? Are you being the YOU that you came here to be? Where are you being truthful with yourself and others? I think Saturn will have us all working on our throat chakras and moving the blocks to expressing our true nature.

When we look out in the macrocosm of the global stage we can easily see where Saturn is calling the collective’s attention. Watch the election south of the border, the wars, the coverups, corruptions being exposed worldwide. Saturn’s influence is definitely being felt and this is not going to ease up anytime soon. This is the great cleansing underway on our planet that we’ve been hearing about for so long. The collective’s dust bunnies and odd socks that have been swept under the bed are building up to the point of actually raising the bed from the floor and are now being blown out into the open to be cleaned up.

What’s left after the purification? A humanity that is much more conscious, peaceful, harmonious, and abundant. As a species we have allowed ourselves to veer so far off track from who and what we inherently are, and we are now coming home to ourselves.

Spiritual AlchemyHow do we get through this great cleansing? Be brave spiritual warriors!! There truly isn’t anything to fear. Face your shadow sides and know that we all have a shadow side. We are all doing this together. We are not our shadow sides (egos, pain bodies). We are so much more!! Learn to live in the now moment. That’s where the peace truly is and also where we can truly discover the truth of who and what we really are. The workshops in Bancroft being kicked off this weekend are all about being in the now, living from presence, and being truly fulfilled. Perhaps you will join us? http://heartofunity.com/events-workshops/


What Is Up With 2016?!

What is up with 2016? Maybe I should rephrase that? WTF 2016??!! LOL We’ll get into that. Of course I do prefer to use humour to get my points across. WTF??

This has certainly been an interesting start to the new year. Imagine we are already 2 months into it and I’m just now really getting around to creating an actual newsletter. I can honestly say that I have had nothing to write about, nada, nil, empty of thoughts, and no desire to even try to come up with something.

I’ve been exploring the energies and currents, talking and sharing with friends/colleagues and exploring why I am feeling this way. The truth is that many are feeling this way and the “why” is what is so important. There are some very fascinating things happening. Let’s talk about that.

Something really big appears to be bubbling up in the ethers and in our collective currents. Do you feel it too? It’s different this year. I normally begin my year with such enthusiasm and wonder of what the unfolding will be and this year I’ve been feeling withdrawn and contemplative, yet busy at the same time. It’s like I’m sitting in a cocoon undergoing a major transformation and this newsletter is the beginning of my journey out from the chrysalis. I wonder how I will unfold now? Chrysalis

The theme seems to be an intense period of letting go of outdated patterns and getting to the depth of what is authentic and in alignment with our soul’s plan. For many it is manifested as sleeping more, meditating, and recreating the self from the ground up to reflect more of “who I really am.” Life in the chrysalis is a lot of work, so I personally have been busy designing my new wings so to speak. The new “look” of our website and logo and development of a live online radio show is a part of that.

Some may also be feeling the drive to look after physical health! I’ve been eating differently, using orchid essences, Humanna Gold Ormus, exercising, drinking more water (fluoride and chlorine free of course), and focusing on morning smoothies. I’m feeling this is also a part of the energy of 2016 and I know it helps to elevate to higher states of consciousness.

The need to honour our intuition and prioritize our personal journeys is high. Being quite attentive to our spiritual path and being in the flow of what Divine intelligence wants to deliver through us is paramount as a great purification appears to be upon us. This is the year of the Red Fire Monkey and we all know how purifying fire is to the alchemy of our journey. It will relentlessly “burn off” any rubbish our egos have been fighting to hang onto until all is transformed to higher states of gold.

Red Fire Monkey

Have you noticed how cartoonish reality seems to be lately? Just look at the bizarre things happening in the US presidential election scene? We are seeing the truth of what our collective egos can create and this is what is being exposed and purified. I believe we are going to be seeing the truths of so many hidden agendas coming to the surface this year on many levels; governments, religions, justice, medicine, finance, etc…. Hold onto your hats boys and girls. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

We’ve been in the preparation stages for this precise unfolding for a very long time. All we need do is stay on our path, stay centered, and hold space. We are anchors for higher consciousness during the fast paced energy of the Red Fire Monkey that has arrived to boil the goo of our collective miscreations.

I love exploration and would love to hear from you. How are you experiencing 2016 so far? Are you resonating with anything I’ve expressed here? Leave your comments below.



Higher Vibrations of Truth Amid Chaos

I was really pondering what message I could bring out to help anyone whose gaze may land on these words in relation to the state of affairs of our world. We are amidst a great time of change as wars are waged, protests are global, and truths are being uncovered on an almost hourly basis. The collective is waking from a long, low vibrational & nightmarish slumber and the pace is picking up rapidly. The same old paradigm/status quo truly doesn’t fit anymore and yet the low frequency energy is thrashing about and seeking to keep a stronghold on us through fear and hatred. Within all of that chaos we each have choice in how we handle ourselves and what effect we will have on the collective outcome in the matrix.

The Cosmic WebI view consciousness as a cosmic web in a sense and we are all components of the great cosmic web of creation, and each of us is a tiny part of the web. Whatever affects a part of the web, affects all of the web. How do we as a collective want our web to be? War, racism, fear and hatred are quite low in vibration and spread darkness over the very threads of our web. The same would be said for chemtrails that spray poisons in our skies, genetically altered crops and other forms of environmental destruction. We cannot hide on our part of the web and think that we can remain unaffected by something on the opposite side of the web (planet) and the current events are clearly indicating this to us. So how can we be mindful of our personal responsibility, be aware of what is happening on all parts of the web and effect positive change into the matrix while keeping our sanity? Ok maybe not keeping our sanity all the way intact! HAHA

The world wide web (our internet) is a direct reflection and creation of our collective consciousness and look what we see there on a daily basis. I feel the internet and social media in particular operate much in the same way that the cosmic web of creation operates. Here is where I am going to bring up some uncomfortable points for some of those who call themselves “lightworkers.” What do you think the “light” is in lightworker? Is it not there to shine bright light in dark places so it can be clearly identified and healed? Is it not also so we can see the ugly truth that we have all been hiding from for eons of time? Did you incarnate on this planet during this important time to only sprinkle sparkle dust or did you not come here for the real grit? How do you then get that job done when you won’t speak up or take an action because you only focus on light things and think good thoughts? If we don’t want to look at things or speak up then perhaps we are fearing our own shadow? Why are so many of you afraid to point your light at darkness and speak truth to it? When someone posts fear and darkness on our world wide & cosmic web in the form of anti-Muslim remarks, anti-LGBTQ, or any other fear based thought forms that filthy up our web, can we not point our light and say, “look how dirty that S#&T is. Let’s assemble a cleaning crew and get that crap dealt with? Who brought the all purpose cleaner and who has the polishing cloth?” Not afraid

Do you know what LOVE is? We can all think of happy and kind ways to define love, which are true but again, not everyone wants to address the uncomfortable parts of love. Sometimes love comes in the form of a truth we don’t want to hear and can kick us in the teeth. Think of the child who steals something and their parent makes them return a stolen item and face the consequence of their action. Does the parent do this out of some bizarre sense of entertainment? Does the child enjoy it? Not likely, but most of us would agree that the parent is acting in a loving way (they want their offspring to keep their part of the cosmic web in clean order) and the child will eventually understand and appreciate how much their parent loved them by helping to learn such a valuable lesson. Is it easy for that parent and child to experience? Probably not. Is it love? You bet! How would this same situation unfold if the parent refused to acknowledge the child’s action because it would mean the thinking of a negative thought or having to experience an uncomfortable vibration and they are much too sensitive for that? Besides that, this discomfort might mess up your focus on your manifestation you’ve been working so diligently to keep your vibration high for. I’m sure you are getting where I’m going with it by this time?

what would love do nowI was asked, “What would love do” when directly dealing with someone (a member of our human family) who was making extremely hurtful comments on social media by suggesting ISIS exists because Muslims allow it, and that their religion promotes this type of activity and all Muslims are satanists, which was clearly a fear based opinion with no actual fact to back it up This is the type of darkness that if left to run rampant will spread disease throughout the cosmic web of consciousness. I felt those low vibrational words, concepts, and thought forms spreading darkness on the web that I live on too. This kind of hate spreading will stop when we all decide to adopt a spiritual zero tolerance policy! Was it comfortable for me to shine a bright light in a dark corner and address this? Not really, but imagine if every time someone posted darkness on our web, we responded with the light of truth. That is what I did and that is what love does I address it as it pops up in my view but don’t go searching for it. Truth in the purest sense (aka light/love) can cut our egos down like a swift moving sword and can also reveal the amazing truth of who we all are when the inauthentic parts have fallen, which is ultimate divinity in the cosmic web of creation. We are god in human form trying to remember the way home.

We do have the power to effect an enormous amount of change and light up our collective cosmic web with nourishing, high vibrational energy for all AND tackle the “big bad wolf” that is wanting to eat our joy. Have you noticed what happens to you in a moment of laughter? How about when listening to a song that just makes you want to burst out and sing into your soup ladle and dance like nobody is watching? Can you shine your light in the darkest of corners, get on your knees to scrub it thoroughly, and then fill the space with laughter, joy, and music? The journey always starts by turning your light inward. Clean your closets and exercise spiritual responsibility on the web. Are we not lightworkers, truthworkers, spiritual warriors that came here to clean up the biggest, baddest mess of the ages, us? We did come equipped with the best cleaning tools you know!! We can turn up the high vibration music and dance our way through the process with joy if we choose. How is that for some magic web solutions?

magic web We do hope you will join us for Mystical Monday on Monday 14 December 2015 at 7:00pm where we will facilitate some open discussion and have some fun. I will be doing some random mini readings for the callers. Details here