A Special Numerology Forecast For September

Three Incredible Power Dates To Be Aware Of

I would have to vote September as the most profound month I’ve seen yet, and it’s just getting started. I’m excited!! Yes, it would even outshine 2012 for being a heavy hitter in the alchemy of the spiritual human evolving. I personally thought the universe had a real sense of humour in placing 2 eclipses within a Mercury Retrograde cycle, so we could start the fall season off with a fall cleanse.
Then I found myself wondering what numerological significance was happening since September is a 9 vibration and 2016 is also a 9 vibration there must be something special happening. I was surprised to find 3 powerful dates with a quadruple 9 energy!!

This is how the math works in numerology:

Year 2016 is added until we get a single digit number 2+0+1+6= 9

Month September is of course the number 9

Day Three dates Sept 9th= 9

Sept 18th 1+8= 9

Sept 27th 2+7= 9

Universal Number is obtained when you add the year, month and day and is also reduced to a single digit. And in the case of September all 3 days incredibly add up to a 9, giving us a total of 3 quadruple 9 days!!!!!!

The number 9 speaks of compassion, kindness, the greater good of all over the personal desires, giving back, and commUNITY. It also speaks of completion of cycles. As a 9 vibration year we’ve been experiencing endings as we’ve been called to let go of old karmic goo we’ve been carting along. For some this has meant a rough ride and others have been in the position of being calm and grounded to hold space for the rest to pass through personal clearing cycles.

September has a huge influx of this energy, not only with the quadruple 9, but with a Mercury Retrograde with 2 eclipses to force us to let go and let something much bigger steer the ship. Egos have been driving this ship for far too long and consciousness has had enough. There’s a new game in town!!

Time for UNITY and that time is NOW. One way to work with this magical energy is to be aware of “my will” versus “thy will.” When we try to manifest for personal gain it is a case of “my will,” aka the ego, and when we manifest for the good of the whole then we are operating from our highest self or “thy will.” When we let go of “my will” and grow into “thy will” then we create space for some spectacular shifts to happen as our highest selves has so much more in store for us than our ego selves could ever dream up!!

On September 9, 2016 and the 1st of 3 quad 9 energy dates we are hosting a Cultural Teaching Circle with Elders Mark & Wendy Phillips with the topic of spirit helpers/guides. Details are here and we hope you are able to join us. Spirit Helpers

I would also suggest you keep an eye on the happenings at Standing Rock in North Dakota. Powerful prophesy is unfolding there as all nations are coming together in UNITY this month as the Indigenous People of Turtle Island (North America) lead the way with the energy of 9 for the greater good of the entire planet. These are quite significant times!! We will also be discussing this as we kick off the fall season of Mystical Monday Radio with guests, Mark & Wendy Phillips discussing prophesy and what is unfolding for us during the 8th Fire Prophesy. Important times indeed!! 8th Fire

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