Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Pisces- Earth And Water

There is no hiding from the intense energy that September 2016 is packing!! It’s only half over too. In terms of numerology influences (see previous article on numerology here ) this year resonates to the number 9, which signifies endings and completion of cycles as well as humanitarian issues and commUNITY consciousness. September being the 9th month (& with Mercury Retrograde & 2 eclipses) is certainly showing what we need to heal in order to become an enlightened humanity operating in UNITY consciousness.  And if we are personally in denial of something significant that our higher self wants us to heal throughout this, we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces on Sept 16th to rattle loose what is missed!

UNITY September’s astrological and numerological energies are unfolding in the Earth sign of Virgo (Mercury retrograde 30 Aug – 22 Sept & solar eclipse 1 Sept) with 16th full moon eclipse in Pisces. What is our current relationship status with earth, water and UNITY? It’s complicated. Stay with me here. I’ve connected some rather interesting dots. I love the puzzles of the great mystery!!
What I feel is important to mention is that the Indigenous have known for centuries that this very important time in our evolution would come. It is quite something to see these prophesies unfold and note the astrological and numerological influences that are supporting this very movement.

The prophesies speak of a time that the Red Race would come together after being put through major suffering at the hands of their human family members that would come from the east from about 1600-2000 ad, or the time of the 7th Fire Prophesy.  After the year 2000 the 8th Fire began and we are moving into a new era. The Prophesy of the 8th Fire in brief speaks of our Earth Mother going through a healing cleanse due to the sickness (greed & destruction) occurring within and through humanity. We have caused this!! The Red Race is foreseen to rise up in defense of our Mother from humanity’s sickness and lead the way to true UNITY consciousness, teaching us all how to live in connection with creation again. We have definitely lost our way. 8th Fire

The planetary influences this month in particular are supporting personal and collective cleansing/healing through the retrograde of Mercury (30 Aug – 22 Sept) in it’s home sign of earthy Virgo and a new moon solar eclipse (also in Virgo Sept 1st). We are being strongly encouraged to assess our connection to the very earth that we live upon. How do we communicate with each other and with all of life upon the earth?

How about water? A full moon lunar eclipse (Sept 16th) in emotional and watery Pisces really brings our connection to the waters to our forefront. We are mostly made of water. How many Indigenous tribes are standing up on behalf of the Earth Mother to try and stop the destruction of sacred waters. Look at what is happening in North Dakota right now with over 100 tribes from all over the Americas coming together (the joining in solidarity of the eagle & the condor) to protect the water. This situation has been gaining momentum and global attention and I suspect the eclipse is going to rattle some things loose as eclipses tend to bring the hidden to the surface and there are often some surprise elements.

Now to tie in the numerology of the number 9, of which there are 3 days with a quadruple 9 influence in September (9th, 18th & 27th). Nine is pushing us to move out of ego control (me, mine, I, exclusive) and into UNITY consciousness (you, ours, we, everyone, inclusive). Nine invites us to find ways to come together for the good of all creation and it is all playing out under the influence of earth and water in astrology. Humanity is coming together with the Red Race leading the way for the Black, White and Yellow to live in harmony with the Earth & water. Nine is asking us to find ways to live well together and in peace, to find new ways to get along with our environment. There’s no room for personal gain at the expense of the whole when this quadruple 9 influence is sweeping through the collective. (see numerology article link above)

In summary, the planetary influences are aligning for us to really closely examine our connection to the earth and the waters with the numerological influences pushing us to come together as one. These are such profound times and we are the spiritual warriors who have all incarnated with this task at hand.

Unity Consciousness

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