Sagittarius New Moon and 11:11:11:22 Gateway

November 29 is not only a new moon in Sagittarius, but a very powerful numerological influence as well. I was noticing other spiritual writers talking about 11:11:11 and the new moon and realized they were missing something important…the Master Number 22, which is HUGE! Let’s break it all down.

Sag The Huntress

New moons give us support for planting seeds and setting goals for what we want to manifest in our lives. This particular new moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, represented by the hunter/huntress. Sag will encourage expansion in all things as the ruling planet is Jupiter, known as the benefactor of gifts and abundance. With Jupiter ruling the Sagittarian Huntress (pictured above)she is fearless in focusing on her target. The new moon sliver crescent enhancing her bow adds extra power to her ability to focus on new ventures.

The numerology of this day also needs to be carefully considered to make the most of this auspicious day. There are some rare alignments to be sure!! We have 4 Master Numbers that lend power to the new beginnings of the new moon. Where do the numbers 11:11:11:22 come from and what do they really mean in our lives?

11: November is the 11th month.11:11:11

11: The 29th 2+9 is also an 11.

11: The universal month (year 2016 plus 11 month 1+1+2+0+1+6=11) is also an 11.

So far this gives us an 11:11:11, which is quite powerful in itself. Master number 11 when repeated is said to be a gateway of manifestation, good luck, open connection to Universal energies, and awakening to higher consciousness. When this influence is at play we are connected and aligned with our intuitive aspects and can more easily receive clear guidance as well.

22: When we add the day, month, and year together we get a 22 vibration day. Every day of the month is done this way in numerology and I was surprised to see others had missed this. 22 is the number of The Master Builder in a spiritual sense. What will you use this energy to build? Are you brave enough to create a new paradigm? 

We are also wrapping up a Universal 9 year (2+0+1+6=9) which is the energy of endings and completion. We are collectively finishing up so many themes so we can create and move into the new beginnings of 2017, which is a year of 1 and new beginnings. We are in that phase where we get to begin to feel the energy of the 1 year just on the horizon and can begin planting seeds toward a new cycle with the energy of the new moon and all of the 11 energy November has brought us.

Let’s recap what this all means. We have a positive Sagittarius New Moon that encourages us to expand our visions and dream big goals. Adding to that is a very powerful 11:11:11 awakening and aligning us to Universal energies and manifestation potentials with 22, The Master Builder within inspiring us to build our dreams. Excellent day for a vision board? Spend time focusing on what you want to create and get some work done on it while the energy is fresh. The Universe is supporting you now. Heads up, Mercury is going retrograde again in December and will have us going back to fine tune what we missed this 9 year! I will write more on that later.

Enjoy this very special day

Monica 🙂

Heart + Unity = Transformation

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