We offer Psychic Medium Readings, Energy Healing & other services over the phone, & in person by appointment from our Bancroft home. Sessions digitally recorded and emailed. 

Please call 613-332-5191 or email

Gift Certificate

Gift certificates can be personalized and emailed as a PDF for easy gift giving anywhere in the world.


*NOTE the following rates are for services provided at our Bancroft, ON location OR phone readings. Rates will vary with services provided elsewhere. In Canadian dollars.

Psychic Medium Readings OR Healing Sessions with Monica

$110 for 60 Minutes OR $60 for 30 Minutes  

Channel Sessions OR Pattern Tuning Sessions with Richard

$145 for 60 Minute Channeling plus 30 Minute Integration (90 minutes total) OR  

$110 for 60 Minute Pattern Tuning/Clearing Session

Clearing/Healing/Reading with both Monica & Richard’s Combined Gifts

$175 for 60 minutes This is an intensive session that will assist one to move through many energetic layers.

One-on-one Psychic Mediumship Development Program:  

$75 per hour session

12096164_1096268633717956_8328291499420690793_nMonica is now offering personalized private sessions to those wishing to open and expand their own natural intuitive gifts. A custom designed program to fit your own unique natural abilities. Monica will assess your individual “style” of receiving messages and spend the time to custom design exercises and resources to guide you along.  Confidently step into your own intuitive power with your own private tutor!! Can be delivered over the phone, skype, or in person.

Program particulars:
* 1 hour initial assessment of your unique style that includes 1st lesson (week 1)
* Guided Meditation CD to be used prior to each class (Journey To The Crystal Temple)
* Email/phone support between classes available
* Specially tailored exercises & course materials
* Option to schedule your sessions around your busy life and at a pace that allows space for deeper integration of exercises.


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  1. I’ve had 2 readings with Monica and a combined session with both Monica & Richard. They were all profoundly powerful experiences that have launched me into transformative behaviour and calm introspection. I’m looking forward to seeing you both again as I continue my life’s journey!

  2. I had a Skype reading with Monica a few days ago and she was fantastic. She was spot on with everything she conveyed to me as she was speaking to my deceased wife. I left the reading with a calm and peaceful feeling that I haven’t had in months. Thanks again Monica. You are fantastic and I hope to contact you again soon for another reading.

  3. Hi Monica,
    My friend and I are interested in having a one hour psychic reading with you and can come to you in Bancroft. We may also be interested in taking your mediumship development program. Thank you!

  4. Hi Kathy
    I just noticed your posting here. It somehow was lost amongst spam comments. Readings can be booked via email at or by calling us at 613-332-5191. It would be helpful if you could tell us which link was broken so we can have it fixed for future visitors to our site, as it all seems to be fine from here.

    Thank you for taking the time to write us here.

  5. Hello there. I was trying to schedule a reading with Monica but the link was broken. Please advise. I am needing some guidance as to next steps in my life. Feeling very lost and uncertain. Thank you.

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