NOTE: This is a very sensitive message and I am bold enough to bring some very difficult subject matter up with some witty humour for the collective to ponder. I too am working my way through with healing. May we all find our deepest truth and move gracefully through chaotic, yet magical times.

Greetings All !!

WOW!! Have I got a powerful message to share today, and I’ve been pondering how to even express it. Likely the best way is to just allow it to flow, which is difficult because there’s a huge force working to channel through me and spread a very important message for these chaotic times in our evolution and awakening. What is that huge force? It’s my own Higher Self that has been sounding the alarm clock to say its time to wake up to who I am and what I am even doing here on this planet!! I’ve jumped out of bed and I’m now awake.

I realize that what I am about to do will NOT make me popular with parts of the new age movement or religious institutions, and may even have some people’s heads spinning around and spitting up pea soup in my direction (couldn’t resist that one ). I’m not here to win a popularity contest, I am here to live and be my truth and share that process of empowerment with others on a similar path. I am even going to admit to and share my own journey of spiritual ego adventures in this and future messages to assist those who are seeking their true nature. I have done my fair share of trying to show that I have better guides than yours, and my assortment of pretty guide colours and sparkles are more special than yours! Hahahahaha!!! HOLY CRAP!!! (A new high fiber cereal on the market) Maybe it’s time we have a bowl and start a new spiritual movement J Read on!

The last several months when I’ve been channelling my guides, I’ve been sensing something different. My guides feel different and I was having difficulty in defining what that was about…..that is until I woke up this morning and the message that came through is that the “guides” I have started experiencing were actually higher aspects of me. I have begun channelling the most powerful being for MY own journey…..ME! What a humbling realization!  I channel me for me, and I want to share how to channel you for you.

Yesterday I went to have lunch with a dear friend, Shirley, who brought out a new deck of tarot cards to show me. The afternoon became a mini workshop on reading tarot cards, where I taught Shirley the significance of the symbols in tarot and how they are basically a roadmap for our spiritual evolution and personal development and how we can all learn to find our own answers and healing along the way. Basically I told her that tarot is a key to unlock everything we need in our own journey, and to help us realize that absolutely everything we need already exists inside of us. How empowering is that!!?? I give much thanksgiving to Shirley for reminding me that we need not look outside of ourselves for anything. The name of the tarot deck if you are interested is, The Truth Seekers Tarot.

(I have been working with 6 important words as a template to live by. They are confident, living, truth, thanksgiving, unity, and grace. Now here is how I’ve been applying them to my life. When I awaken in the morning and when I go to sleep at night, I set the intention for my Higher Self to guide me to be confident in really living my truth with thanksgiving and grace, so that I may experience unity within self.)

This all brings me to the most important piece in this message, and the one that will draw much ire from many mystics, healers and their guides. There are so many benevolent beings out there waiting for us to wake up fully, and there are those that feed on our insecurities of perhaps missing the ascension and being left behind, which in religious terms would be the equivalent to not getting into heaven. How many “healers” out there are selling a “special fix” of something that they, or only a select few of people on the planet are gifted with to assist with ascension? I’ve seen everything from now from bubbles of protection, various sacred geometry patterns, colours, light codes, keys to portals, ancient template transmissions, DNA activations, special sounds (tuning forks and magic tones) and removal of old patterns to name a few that have drawn my attention lately. Think about this folks!! I invite you all to explore the possibility of who might be gifting these people with such special powers? And for those who accept such special gifts from beings who whisper into your ears, I invite you to explore why you even need a higher being to come down from the heavens and gift you with something profound that only you, or only the chosen few are able to share with everyone for the low, low price of $$$. And if you sign up for a few free transmissions, activations, downloads, codes, etc…. then the final and of course most important part can be purchased. Please visit the rest of my website and see how I can make you ascend more easily with MY special sparkle dust that you can’t get anywhere else. By the way, did I tell you that I am a special being from a special dimension and you aren’t? WHAT????? What have we come to, and how does that differ from a priest or the pope being so high and special that only they can grant us passage to heaven, if we follow their strict rules of course! Don’t forget to leave 10% of your income in the collection dish and if you pay extra to the church then you get better status in heaven than the common folks! WHAT????  Spirituality has become that commercialized that it now looks like a cheesy infomercial? Don’t even get me started on the multi level marketing scams that have hit the new age/spiritual scene with promises of great abundance, health, and happiness if you sign up 10 friends or more!

To be clear, I am all for appropriate energy exchange for the many legit, hard working, spiritual healers who give of themselves to empower others to awaken. I just think that the growing number of those with “very special powers” for a price is feeding on the fear energy.

Are we not intended to come fully into our own truth and power in this process and realize that we are what we have been waiting for? How about we wake up to the fact that we can all tune in to and merge with our higher self and receive the healing, messages, shapes, sounds, colours, and lights for ourselves? Who was there to help Jesus or Buddah or any others get their special things for ascension? I believe that we may on occasion need some assistance from each other to get us there, but we do all truly need to do the bulk of it ourselves. The magic spirit download packet pill may not really exist. The empowering journey unfolds when we become our own prophets and healers and stop looking “out there” for our solutions. We are ALL such spectacular spirits having this human experience and I know in my heart that no one gets left behind if they don’t sign up for external solutions, and what about the poor who can’t afford it? And on that note, I finish by stating that I now dedicate my journey to assisting those who wish to explore that truth within themselves!! Thursday night’s meditation (July 7th) will focus on tuning into our true selves without the external bells and whistles and see where our healing goes? Who’s onboard the “Empowerment Express #777” with me?  Train leaves at 7:00 PM on the 7th of the 7th month.

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