Higher Vibrations of Truth Amid Chaos

I was really pondering what message I could bring out to help anyone whose gaze may land on these words in relation to the state of affairs of our world. We are amidst a great time of change as wars are waged, protests are global, and truths are being uncovered on an almost hourly basis. The collective is waking from a long, low vibrational & nightmarish slumber and the pace is picking up rapidly. The same old paradigm/status quo truly doesn’t fit anymore and yet the low frequency energy is thrashing about and seeking to keep a stronghold on us through fear and hatred. Within all of that chaos we each have choice in how we handle ourselves and what effect we will have on the collective outcome in the matrix.

The Cosmic WebI view consciousness as a cosmic web in a sense and we are all components of the great cosmic web of creation, and each of us is a tiny part of the web. Whatever affects a part of the web, affects all of the web. How do we as a collective want our web to be? War, racism, fear and hatred are quite low in vibration and spread darkness over the very threads of our web. The same would be said for chemtrails that spray poisons in our skies, genetically altered crops and other forms of environmental destruction. We cannot hide on our part of the web and think that we can remain unaffected by something on the opposite side of the web (planet) and the current events are clearly indicating this to us. So how can we be mindful of our personal responsibility, be aware of what is happening on all parts of the web and effect positive change into the matrix while keeping our sanity? Ok maybe not keeping our sanity all the way intact! HAHA

The world wide web (our internet) is a direct reflection and creation of our collective consciousness and look what we see there on a daily basis. I feel the internet and social media in particular operate much in the same way that the cosmic web of creation operates. Here is where I am going to bring up some uncomfortable points for some of those who call themselves “lightworkers.” What do you think the “light” is in lightworker? Is it not there to shine bright light in dark places so it can be clearly identified and healed? Is it not also so we can see the ugly truth that we have all been hiding from for eons of time? Did you incarnate on this planet during this important time to only sprinkle sparkle dust or did you not come here for the real grit? How do you then get that job done when you won’t speak up or take an action because you only focus on light things and think good thoughts? If we don’t want to look at things or speak up then perhaps we are fearing our own shadow? Why are so many of you afraid to point your light at darkness and speak truth to it? When someone posts fear and darkness on our world wide & cosmic web in the form of anti-Muslim remarks, anti-LGBTQ, or any other fear based thought forms that filthy up our web, can we not point our light and say, “look how dirty that S#&T is. Let’s assemble a cleaning crew and get that crap dealt with? Who brought the all purpose cleaner and who has the polishing cloth?” Not afraid

Do you know what LOVE is? We can all think of happy and kind ways to define love, which are true but again, not everyone wants to address the uncomfortable parts of love. Sometimes love comes in the form of a truth we don’t want to hear and can kick us in the teeth. Think of the child who steals something and their parent makes them return a stolen item and face the consequence of their action. Does the parent do this out of some bizarre sense of entertainment? Does the child enjoy it? Not likely, but most of us would agree that the parent is acting in a loving way (they want their offspring to keep their part of the cosmic web in clean order) and the child will eventually understand and appreciate how much their parent loved them by helping to learn such a valuable lesson. Is it easy for that parent and child to experience? Probably not. Is it love? You bet! How would this same situation unfold if the parent refused to acknowledge the child’s action because it would mean the thinking of a negative thought or having to experience an uncomfortable vibration and they are much too sensitive for that? Besides that, this discomfort might mess up your focus on your manifestation you’ve been working so diligently to keep your vibration high for. I’m sure you are getting where I’m going with it by this time?

what would love do nowI was asked, “What would love do” when directly dealing with someone (a member of our human family) who was making extremely hurtful comments on social media by suggesting ISIS exists because Muslims allow it, and that their religion promotes this type of activity and all Muslims are satanists, which was clearly a fear based opinion with no actual fact to back it up This is the type of darkness that if left to run rampant will spread disease throughout the cosmic web of consciousness. I felt those low vibrational words, concepts, and thought forms spreading darkness on the web that I live on too. This kind of hate spreading will stop when we all decide to adopt a spiritual zero tolerance policy! Was it comfortable for me to shine a bright light in a dark corner and address this? Not really, but imagine if every time someone posted darkness on our web, we responded with the light of truth. That is what I did and that is what love does I address it as it pops up in my view but don’t go searching for it. Truth in the purest sense (aka light/love) can cut our egos down like a swift moving sword and can also reveal the amazing truth of who we all are when the inauthentic parts have fallen, which is ultimate divinity in the cosmic web of creation. We are god in human form trying to remember the way home.

We do have the power to effect an enormous amount of change and light up our collective cosmic web with nourishing, high vibrational energy for all AND tackle the “big bad wolf” that is wanting to eat our joy. Have you noticed what happens to you in a moment of laughter? How about when listening to a song that just makes you want to burst out and sing into your soup ladle and dance like nobody is watching? Can you shine your light in the darkest of corners, get on your knees to scrub it thoroughly, and then fill the space with laughter, joy, and music? The journey always starts by turning your light inward. Clean your closets and exercise spiritual responsibility on the web. Are we not lightworkers, truthworkers, spiritual warriors that came here to clean up the biggest, baddest mess of the ages, us? We did come equipped with the best cleaning tools you know!! We can turn up the high vibration music and dance our way through the process with joy if we choose. How is that for some magic web solutions?

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  1. Follow up to my article above, I wanted to leave another thought to ponder. I was thinking of the “magical web solutions” and saw the parallel as fear and darkness acting the same as a computer virus or malware and that our job is to act like Norton and identify it (see it with our light) and then clean it out before it spreads (the worker part of light worker) so we can all continue to enjoy the www or cosmic web of creation.

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