Monica’s Oracle Message: Saturn’s Influence on Humanity

SaturnHow did everyone fair through the March eclipses? I know many found the energy intense and I was hearing of so many endings, beginnings, changes, and some surprises in the mix too. Others seemed to glide right on through with little going on. I found myself in a flow of sorts. I’ve learned to go with the flow and be ready to change directions at a moments notice so I didn’t find it particularly challenging in my personal sphere. Feel free to share your experiences by return email or post a comment here.

On to other planets and themes in our lives now. 2016 is a very pivotal year in the collective unfolding. Saturn is currently moving through Sagittarius for the next 2 1/2 years and is now in a retrograde motion. Saturn can be a heavy hitter and is sometimes known as the taskmaster of the zodiac. He wants to make sure we evolve and learn our personal lessons. You can think of him like a firm yet loving parent that won’t let you get away with anything!! No shortcuts in doing your chores. Saturn will notice the dirt you hid under the proverbial rug and will not only point it out and demand you clean it up, but will completely remove the rug if that is what is required for you to get it. Saturn’s influence is meant to make us the shiniest and most spiritually mature version of ourselves that we can be. It is not meant as a cruel and unusual punishment.

Alchemically speaking Saturn represents lead which needs to undergo an intense process to become gold. That perspective can be applied to our personal journey as our shadow sides and egos are like lead and we are spiritual beings evolving into gold. Saturn is here to help us identify our individual internal lead and pushes the process of spiritual alchemy.Saturn Alchemy

With Saturn now in a retrograde motion we are being given the opportunity to go back to the past and get real honest about ourselves. No more lies. Clean up the dust bunnies under the bed and fess up to leaving them there in the first place. Take a good look at your life and see where you may be dishonest with yourself. Do you hide who you really are and hold back on expressing yourself for fear of judgement from others? Are you being the YOU that you came here to be? Where are you being truthful with yourself and others? I think Saturn will have us all working on our throat chakras and moving the blocks to expressing our true nature.

When we look out in the macrocosm of the global stage we can easily see where Saturn is calling the collective’s attention. Watch the election south of the border, the wars, the coverups, corruptions being exposed worldwide. Saturn’s influence is definitely being felt and this is not going to ease up anytime soon. This is the great cleansing underway on our planet that we’ve been hearing about for so long. The collective’s dust bunnies and odd socks that have been swept under the bed are building up to the point of actually raising the bed from the floor and are now being blown out into the open to be cleaned up.

What’s left after the purification? A humanity that is much more conscious, peaceful, harmonious, and abundant. As a species we have allowed ourselves to veer so far off track from who and what we inherently are, and we are now coming home to ourselves.

Spiritual AlchemyHow do we get through this great cleansing? Be brave spiritual warriors!! There truly isn’t anything to fear. Face your shadow sides and know that we all have a shadow side. We are all doing this together. We are not our shadow sides (egos, pain bodies). We are so much more!! Learn to live in the now moment. That’s where the peace truly is and also where we can truly discover the truth of who and what we really are. The workshops in Bancroft being kicked off this weekend are all about being in the now, living from presence, and being truly fulfilled. Perhaps you will join us?


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Monica’s Oracle Message: Saturn’s Influence on Humanity — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Brenda. How wonderful that you feel your mom around you! Please accept my condolences and may the residual full moon energy heal you and you family. And believe that your mom’s evolution continues. She’s got the best past-life crap cleaners by her side.😇

  2. Good Morning, this full moon has brought many changes for me and my family. Mom passed away on the 24th ( quite a day to pick, full moon ) and her funeral was yesterday. I know she is walking with me and the rest of my family. I am the only one that would know she is here. Because I feel her they don’t think like me or mom for that matter. It will make it harder on them. I can only hope she cleaned up a lot of her past life “crap”.
    Your article read very true and close to my heart. As they always do but this morning just a little bit more.
    Love. & Light

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