Tips To Expand Your Intuition

Intuition is quite natural to every human being. It’s that “gut feeling” you get that tells you something/someone is right or wrong. It’s also a “knowing” without knowing where the knowing comes from. Some call it the GPS of the soul, which I find rather fitting as a GPS is intended to help us find our way. Intuition GPS

So how do we make sure we are tuned into our soul’s GPS and receiving signals at maximum capacity? Heavy cloud cover or ice build up on a satellite dish can mess up internet/tv receptivity, and in a similar way we as receptors of messages through our soul’s GPS can have static, interference, or total blackout. The GPS and satellite need to have a clear pathway between them in order for the signal to get through. Without that clear pathway we may find ourselves repeatedly taking wrong turns in life and feeling as if we’ve lost our way.

Let’s talk about clearing our personal atmosphere so we can receive strong signals. Satellite Signals Some people are surprised when I begin workshops on intuitive, psychic mediumship development with the list of what I’m about to share with you. I think it’s because many have the impression that with the right meditation practice, some exercises and crystals they can open up and expand their natural gifts. While meditation is definitely important and crystals can be quite helpful, the truth is there are so many other variables in busy modern lives that leave our GPS units with static screens.

Let’s go over that list and know that you can always research these points yourself and expand your own knowledge. You don’t want a static screen on your intuitive GPS! Here are important things to eliminate or limit usage of:

  1. Fluoride. It’s in our water supply, dental treatments, and toothpaste and it affects our pineal gland which is considered to be our 3rd eye and spiritual sight centre. Very important for developing intuition!! The type of fluoride used in our water and dental products is actually toxic and there’s a growing movement to have it removed from the drinking water in many communities across the USA and Canada. Here’s some excellent information with a video you can watch. I stopped fluoride treatments a long time ago and use an herbal toothpaste that is free of such chemicals. I am also on a natural well system and carry my own water everywhere I go.
  2. WIFI, EMF, Cell Phones, Microwaves: If you have WIFI in your home make sure you at least shut it off when you sleep at night! WIFI is actually quite dangerous and is thought to be a cause of many serious health issues. It also causes harm to the intuitive centres. So many schools are WIFI’d and the new trend is to WIFI downtown areas, public parks etc… Several communities are taking action to have WIFI removed from schools. France actually removed all WIFI from schools and replaced the hard wired internet system at a huge cost. Some reading you may wish to do on the subject. Cell phones should be shut off at night. So many people sleep with their cell phones on and use them as alarm clocks. YIKES!! DId you know that both WIFI & cell phones also negatively affect the pineal gland? The research does not speak to the dangers to the aura and energy bodies but I can tell you that I can really feel it when I’ve been around those energies too much and it’s not good. I can also tell if a client has been bombarded by these lower vibrational frequencies by the look and feel of their aura. Here’s an excellent article on some of the health effects. Smart meters, baby monitors, & smart appliances of any kind emit dangerous WIFI. Chordless and cell phones are troublesome. Limit the use and learn about the use of crystals such as shungite and orgonite, There are so many other products to protect yourself, your home, children, and pets. Also, DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR FOOD!!!!!!!! We don’t have a microwave oven in our home.
  3. Food Matters: Genetically modified foods (GMO), preservatives, additives, and unhealthy cooking oils, and fast food are not only bad for our physical health but for our energy bodies too. Sweets and wheat are a toxic combination. Have you noticed yourself feel sluggish when you aren’t eating well? Perhaps you feel tired and fuzzy headed when eating poorly. Eating unhealthy food is the equivalent of placing heavy clouds over your intuitive satellite dish. You are going to have crappy reception! Occasional fasting or juicing is really helpful in clearing up your energy. Eat as naturally as you can and learn more about foods. You are what you eat. And remember, if your food or beverage says “diet”, “fat free,” or “low sodium” it should really be read CHEMICAL S#IT STORM.
  4. Alcohol/Drug Use: I know many of you may not want to hear this but alcohol consumption (intoxication) and recreational drug use not only clouds your judgement but your intuitive gifts are hugely compromised. This includes marijuana and magic mushrooms. If you are a regular smoker you can be assured your intuitive centres are out of whack. Marijuana is a sacred medicine but is not intended to be used the way it now is. When drugs and alcohol are involved I’ve seen astral beings attach themselves to people and begin to cause problems. When you are not fully conscious (sober) your spirit (not your soul and there’s a difference) actually moves away from your body leaving you open to astral entity attachments. The astral realms are like cloud cover to your intuitive satellite dish. There’s a reason why alcohol is called spirits!
  5. Stress: When you are under an immense amount of stress your adrenal glands become fatigued from being in a constant state of fight or flight. Your other glands also become depleted and your systems go off balance. It has also been noted that antidepressant medications and other drugs such as valium, lorazapan, sleeping pills etc. have significant effects on the pineal gland. I see grey around the head in the aura from this (as well as alcohol & drug use).You likely already guessed this also causes the interference in your GPS.       Static screen

Here are some effective ways to clear up the signal from your satellite to your dish.

  1. Take regular sea salt and epsom salt baths. This will relax you and draw out physical toxins while cleansing your chakras and your aura. Add some pure essential oils (lavender?)
  2. Drink plenty of water and be sure to say prayers over your water. This is such a powerful process and also applies to your bathwater above. Watch this video on water.
  3. Smudge with sage regularly to clear your aura and your space.
  4. Listen to sound healing music. Email me if you would like suggestions on the matter
  5. Wear crystals that make you feel good and smudge them regularly too.
  6. Spend time in nature. Hug a tree. It’s very grounding and helps you to connect to the earth vibrations.
  7. Walk barefoot when you can as healing ions are taken in through the feet.
  8. Breathe deeply several times a day.
  9. Learn meditation practices and learn to discipline the mind.

As you can see there are many things to know about this and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I do intend to write more useful articles. Maybe some shorter ones! hahaha Feel free to comment, email me, and share this post on social media. The author consents to sharing this article in whole or in part with acknowledgements to the author Monica Lumley-Piercey and website .

Much love,

Monica Lumley-Piercey

Heart of Unity


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  1. I didn’t realize that salt baths could help you clear your chakras. I can see how you would want to do this since making sure your mental and physical parts are healthy can help you avoid unnecessary trouble. I would also want to make sure to check with a professional about anything else I can do to improve. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Monica for your useful info. Have been doing Epsom salt baths for many years, so happy they are clearing my chakras.

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