August-September Energies 2016

2016 has been quite busy and frankly I’ve not been in the space to write newsletters. I’m happy to say that I’m back at it for now and it feels great to be in touch again. Thanks for your patience.

Happy full moon almost eclipse!! Tonight (Aug 18th) is not only a full moon, but the first of a set of three eclipses spaced 2 weeks apart. The energy feels fairly positive on this one, although lunar eclipses usually bring about endings and bring our shadow side up for viewing and healing.

The reason this eclipse is different is because it is a very slight eclipse and won’t really show us the shadow side. In fact it barely gets a mention.  Almost Eclipse

It is however, a precursor to the new moon solar eclipse of September 1st and then the full moon lunar eclipse 2 weeks after that, which are both occurring during a Mercury Retrograde cycle within Virgo.

Mercury Retro AheadWhat does this mean? Tie up loose ends. Ask yourself what old patterns can be resolved. What ego layers are you ready to let go of? Being in denial of unhealthy habits and unhealed patterns will not make September an easy ride for anyone!!

It seems 2016 has been an intense ride for so many as humanity is going through an intense purge on the way to collective awakening. The last 6 months for sure have been incredibly busy and this month is allowing us the opportunity to finish up with old business and make room for new.

July, August and this full moon seem refreshing in comparison to the previous energetics that we’ve all been through in 2016’s big ego grinder. I’ve been so incredibly busy this month but with activities that I’ve enjoyed, like spending time with my granddaughter who happens to be Ojibway & Cree and is having the opportunity to really delve into her Indigenous culture while here. So many other wonderful and miraculous things are brewing that I can’t write about yet but promise to very soon have also come into our awareness during the end of July and the first half of August. Richard and I will have more to report soon enough.

The Oracle Message: the_awakening_by_cygx1In pondering what the full moon energy of tonight is intended to bring to humanity I can’t help but feel like awakening and divine gifts are being bestowed to those who are willing to receive them. Truths will reveal themselves that we can no longer ignore so we can prepare space for new journeys to unfold. This full moon feels quite magical even in light of so many difficult world events.

What is the best way to handle the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde in September? Meditate, meditate, and then meditate some more. Seek inside for your answers. Despite what the outer circumstances are looking like we are each being called to know ourselves in a deeply intimate and divine way. Be still and breathe. Pay attention to your triggers and unhealed parts and address each as they come up. These dynamics are so much easier to navigate when we each take personal responsibility for the state of our lives. Stillness and observation from within are keywords for the month of September.

All of creation is going through a massive shift and humanity is being rattled awake. When you are being personally rattled, go within the stillness, meditate and ask what you personally need to be aware of, let go of, heal, etc….. We are in unprecedented times and we can no longer keep trying to live in the same way. How open are you to a complete change of your reality? Would love to hear your comments….

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