The Craziest Five Planet Retrograde Ever!!

2016 is proving to be quite intense. This year many have predicted huge shifts in consciousness and within the Earth herself.  Just think if what we’ve seen the last few months in the news headlines. From the cartoonish elections in the USA to environmental disasters, crazy weather, celebrity deaths, wildfires, etc…. it has become so clear that something unusual is happening.

The planets appear to be conspiring to shake us up as a total of five went into retrograde motion beginning in April. (Retrograde planets appear to have a backward motion in relation to Earth’s orbit and therefore the influence of that planet changes.) Mercury of course was among them. Talk about heavy hitters!! We had five planets pushing us to dig deep into our psyche to face our shadows, purge what is inauthentic, and deal with some of our greatest fears. Think of what you’ve been dealing with for the last 6 weeks to get a sense of how you’ve been individually impacted. We are each affected by these planetary bodies in our own unique way.

I began this bizarre retrograde period feeling like nothing much was going to happen and actually thought I might not be affected as things seemed to flow with relative ease. This changed rather abruptly when my 24 year old daughter was hospitalized with symptoms related to her heart. Gina was born with a valve defect and has been closely monitored by cardiologists her entire life. She has never needed medication or any other intervention up to this point. We knew she would eventually require a valve replacement and she was in process of planning this with her medical team to happen at some point much further down the road.

Gina presurgery

Gina being prepped for surgery

Gina had a sudden decline in her condition where her aortic valve was narrowed to the size of a pin hole and had an aortic aneurysm that was on the verge of bursting. All 5 planets were in full swing retrograde and we were all pushed to our limits. Retrograde forces a going back to correct, reassess, re-evaluate, recreate, release, review….. I think you get the idea and we multiply that by 5. In Gina’s case she had her heart reconstructed, rebuilt, part of her aorta replaced. She’s been renewed as we all have been along with her.

As luck would have it I had just taken a course in English wildflower remedies based on the work of Dr. Bach, and I was then prepared with my new full kit of remedies to assist everyone. This, along with my own centering and intuitive practices really helped me to move through this with a lot more ease and grace. I also administered to Gina as soon as I arrived in Ottawa and kept it going throughout her processes. I was in the ICU right after surgery and applying to her ankles. Since this is vibrational medicine it does not interfere with medications or anything else the docs were doing, but helps one to heal through the trauma of the current situation, along with releasing patterns of the past. Thanks to the Christopher family of Alypsis in Peterborough for offering these fine products and courses. I’m going to be offering wildflower remedy consults to my list of services in the near future.

Listening to intuition and being fully in the now has been a theme for me for awhile and it has really paid off in this case. This is how to get through a retrograde period with the best results. Spirit definitely has our backs and sends what we need when we need it. It is up to us to pay attention to the signs as they arise. I was following intuition when I took the flower remedy course which actually prepared me to handle the situation. I was my own client and had already been working through stuff.

Gina post-op

Gina right after surgery. She asked us to take this photo

Spirit orchestrated so many wonderful things during this time. Gina had THE valve doc, #1 in Canada and among the top 3 in the world to conduct her surgery. He was also able to perform a less invasive surgery than was originally thought as he repaired the valve and did not need to replace it. This was significant! Family accommodations attached to the hospital were excellent and we were given a 2 bedroom suite at the rate of a 1 bedroom. Online fundraising went over the goal in a short time so financial concerns were lifted and all Gina’s needs met.

I certainly had my moments of fear and doubt. Trust me, I was not walking in a perpetual state of zen!! My child was having major open heart surgery. I was able to get to center and tune into the currents of what was unfolding and I was able to take guided action and hear messages. I was continually hearing that she would be ok, and that she was in good hands. This was a part of her life’s journey. I believe she is still in the process of rebuilding her life (evaluating who and what stays and goes) with a new heart to help guide her on the path. She’s an old soul and an inspiration to me.

Gina only 2 weeks and 1 day after surgery.

Gina only 2 weeks and 1 day after surgery.

We all wish to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts, constant supportive messages, prayers, and healing, financial contributions, and offers of assistance. It was certainly felt every moment of the way!

Huge heart hugs to all!! And a special shout out to my love Richard who was my rock throughout.

Now how has your retrograde season been? Let’s talk!!



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