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Let’s start with a quote by the Dalai Lama that seems to somewhat reflect my feelings and attitudes these days.

“There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.”

– Dalai Lama

First let me say that I was blown away by the huge response to last week’s article, “BEWARE THE FALSE PROPHET.” I had a hard time catching up to the email replies and facebook comments and I was even more surprised by the numbers of people who read that and felt compelled to come to the guided meditation right after.  The teleconference option was well attended too!! I am going to continue to offer that as long as I do guided meditations and groups.

My intention behind the meditation is to go within my own sacred space, my inner temple where my inner prophet/healer/wise one lives, to access what I need from there. That is precisely what we worked on collectively during the July 7th circle with some really wonderful results, which I will speak of in a moment.

I truly believe that we can integrate our higher selves more fully into our physical bodies and also fine tune our intuitive perceptions so we can clearly see what it is that is needed to navigate our way through the 2012 shift. These are definitely the times to be focussed on our spiritual journey with the utmost of discernment of what is presented to us. I have never seen so many “solutions” and “miracle fixes” to help us ascend, or differing and often times conflicting messages from channels and their guides. So how do we figure out what is appropriate for us and what isn’t within this seeming chaos? There are so many “trickster beings” hanging about, cleverly disguised and many of the spiritual healers/teachers etc… only need a little ego snag to get hooked on, which opens the doorway to all kinds of very tempting potentials of being “special” and having “gifts” that very few or none of the rest of the population has.

Please do remember that there are many very beautiful and gifted spiritual healers, teachers, and intuitive readers, who are truly in service and walk a path of integrity and truth. I am hoping to share some tips on discerning the genuine from the others.

The first step in discerning is to stop, breathe, meditate, and really get in touch with your higher self first. When you have fine tuned that connection in conjunction with your connection to Spirit/Source/God/I AM, then your ability to see things with clarity is heightened significantly. In last week’s meditation we asked any guides in attendance to stand back and observe while we accessed our own healing, messages, akashic records, or whatever each individual needed in that moment. It was nice to connect with only ourselves, not to mention empowering!!

One of the participants last week, Brenda Brooks, had a profound meditation experience that she has allowed me to share with all of you. During meditation we had invited a further merging of our Higher Selves into our bodies, which was a very powerful experience, when Brenda reported feeling a heavy dark energy that had been bothering her for quite a while move out through her head with a big pop! She said it had cleared and she felt herself full of light. She also felt about 100 pounds lighter afterward and still feels that way today. Brenda had a very powerful self-healing experience that came in through her own Higher Self. Go Brenda!! She must have had a big bowl of that new cereal, Holy Crap, for that spiritual movement!! (And yes, that really is a new organic breakfast cereal. Excellent marketing that we will never forget.)

Let’s touch base on a few other tips that I have personally found helpful when seeking services from others, but please remember that these are my ideas only and need not be your truth, unless it feels appropriate. As a service provider I too seek assistance from colleagues on occasion.

1. If someone approaches and says they have a message for you from spirit that you have not asked for, or tells you that you “have to do something.” Perhaps they tell you what your truth is? Higher Beings usually wait to be asked.

2. A service someone is offering includes a download, template, activation, etc…that they are going to place in your field. That is what we call an implant!! (energetic or otherwise).  These are usually people who believe they are the “special” or “chosen ones” for the saving of humanity. These implants (if they are even real) exist outside of you. Do you really believe you have been created so imperfect that you need someone else to do the job on spirit’s behalf?

3. A person attempting to do anything in point number 2 without you asking for it.

4. A reader or healer tells you its time for a reading or healing session and wants you to book an appointment. You can determine the right timing and right person to make an appointment for yourself!

5. A healer who has so many gadgets, gizmos, machines, and toys to work on you with. In my opinion, you find spirit and healing within and not without. Some of these items are ok and can be helpful, but be aware of the distraction of dazzling colours, noises, etc… that come with this.

These are just some ideas and some areas I have been caught up in through the journey, as I’ve learned much through trial and error.



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