The Courage To Gaze Deeply In The Relationship Mirror

February is almost over and so is that Mercury Retrograde. I know many who will be happy about that one! In the last issue I began speaking about using the retrograde influence to re-evaluate, re-view, re-visit past, re-write future, re-create, and re-invent the self. It’s a great time of reflection on what works and what doesn’t to make room for positive change. Lucky for all of us that we had Valentine`s Day land right in the center of our retrograde so we could highlight aspects of love and romance. I can’t think of a better way to re-evaluate our perspectives on what love is and how we feel about relationships than to experience ourselves through another. “Ànother” can be a family member, friend, neighbour, etc… The closer the relationship, the deeper we are being invited into ourselves. Are you brave enough to gaze into the relationship mirror and recognize that all people, circumstances, and events are simply reflecting you to yourself? Your life is not happening to you, it is a projection and direct reflection of where you are at in your journey. Do you like what you see?

I am acutely aware that Richard, my beloved, shows to me on a regular basis where my unhealed wounds are deeply hidden, as romantic relationships all do. I can experience what is whole and blissful just the same. The key here is to be courageous enough to know that all emotional triggers are mine and are simply showing me where I need to work or where I am in harmony.

Our workplace relationships, social circles, parent/child relationships, and interactions with store clerks and telephone solicitors can show us who we are in any given moment. I invite you to take part in an exploration for even a couple of days. Do you have the courage to gaze deeply in the relationship mirror? Try experiencing your interactions as if everyone is holding a mirror up in front of your face to show you something about yourself. What are you learning? How does it feel?  Who have you attracted into your experience and why?

Discussion and sharing is welcomed!!

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