What Is Up With 2016?!

What is up with 2016? Maybe I should rephrase that? WTF 2016??!! LOL We’ll get into that. Of course I do prefer to use humour to get my points across. WTF??

This has certainly been an interesting start to the new year. Imagine we are already 2 months into it and I’m just now really getting around to creating an actual newsletter. I can honestly say that I have had nothing to write about, nada, nil, empty of thoughts, and no desire to even try to come up with something.

I’ve been exploring the energies and currents, talking and sharing with friends/colleagues and exploring why I am feeling this way. The truth is that many are feeling this way and the “why” is what is so important. There are some very fascinating things happening. Let’s talk about that.

Something really big appears to be bubbling up in the ethers and in our collective currents. Do you feel it too? It’s different this year. I normally begin my year with such enthusiasm and wonder of what the unfolding will be and this year I’ve been feeling withdrawn and contemplative, yet busy at the same time. It’s like I’m sitting in a cocoon undergoing a major transformation and this newsletter is the beginning of my journey out from the chrysalis. I wonder how I will unfold now? Chrysalis

The theme seems to be an intense period of letting go of outdated patterns and getting to the depth of what is authentic and in alignment with our soul’s plan. For many it is manifested as sleeping more, meditating, and recreating the self from the ground up to reflect more of “who I really am.” Life in the chrysalis is a lot of work, so I personally have been busy designing my new wings so to speak. The new “look” of our website and logo and development of a live online radio show is a part of that.

Some may also be feeling the drive to look after physical health! I’ve been eating differently, using orchid essences, Humanna Gold Ormus, exercising, drinking more water (fluoride and chlorine free of course), and focusing on morning smoothies. I’m feeling this is also a part of the energy of 2016 and I know it helps to elevate to higher states of consciousness.

The need to honour our intuition and prioritize our personal journeys is high. Being quite attentive to our spiritual path and being in the flow of what Divine intelligence wants to deliver through us is paramount as a great purification appears to be upon us. This is the year of the Red Fire Monkey and we all know how purifying fire is to the alchemy of our journey. It will relentlessly “burn off” any rubbish our egos have been fighting to hang onto until all is transformed to higher states of gold.

Red Fire Monkey

Have you noticed how cartoonish reality seems to be lately? Just look at the bizarre things happening in the US presidential election scene? We are seeing the truth of what our collective egos can create and this is what is being exposed and purified. I believe we are going to be seeing the truths of so many hidden agendas coming to the surface this year on many levels; governments, religions, justice, medicine, finance, etc…. Hold onto your hats boys and girls. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

We’ve been in the preparation stages for this precise unfolding for a very long time. All we need do is stay on our path, stay centered, and hold space. We are anchors for higher consciousness during the fast paced energy of the Red Fire Monkey that has arrived to boil the goo of our collective miscreations.

I love exploration and would love to hear from you. How are you experiencing 2016 so far? Are you resonating with anything I’ve expressed here? Leave your comments below.



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What Is Up With 2016?! — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Monica, it’s Danny. I agree with your comments: this is going to be an incredible year!!! I feel the anticipation of something big coming; an amazing excitement. Many prophetic dreams and messages are coming to me. The energies this year are strong and invoke much change: physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. I say “Bring It On”! Let the masses awaken and open their eyes and we can all take the next step on our evolutionary journey. Your reading of last may talked about a move to a new residence: nothing yet. Let’s see what this year brings, Light and Love Danny Dalton

  2. Thanks Monica!

    I have been feeling much the same as you it seems. I have hunkered in staying safe fully in my cocoon. I almost feel like I am waiting for the next explosion of what??? I don’t know.

    I am feeling that I need to do something but really don’t want to do it. And I don’t even know what “it” is. I for the first time this year sat down and made some new jewelry. It was an amethyst day mostly, fluorite, some hematite and tigers eye. All the basic stones but with large meanings. Apparently grounding is needed. Lol.

    Technology is big to. Figuring out windows ten. But that is a challenge in itself. Need to do book work…but I don’t want to. (Once I quit doing that I have no desire to do it).

    All in all staying safe in my cocoon just being is very comforting, safe, and quiet for now. I may need to break the barriers and get out of the safe zone.
    I guess for today I will watch the birds, and hunker in as its a nasty weather day out there.
    I haven’t meditated in a long time. Thanks for the reminder. It Could be helpful.

    Once again thanks for being there.

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