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Yes, you heard that right!! This is going to be juicy!! Today (Jan 21st 2015) marks the first day of a 3 week Mercury Retrograde period. (Retrograde means the planet will appear to be moving backwards in relation to the orbit of Earth and the effects of that planet on us will also change)This time Mercury (planet of communications) will retrograde in Aquarius, while Jupiter (planet of expansion and abundance) is continuing its retrograde motion through Leo. These signs are at opposite sides of the astrology wheel and are challenging us to look at ourselves at a core level in order to transform some of our deepest fears, blocks, and emotional patterns. Aquarius represents air, mental realms, intelligence and the mind, and Leo represents the heart, emotion, passion and fire. How does your head operate in relation to your heart? What patterns are you carrying that you haven’t dealt with? These juicy alignments will certainly show you! Adding to that, numerologically  speaking, we are under the influence of an 8 Universal Year (2+0+1+5=8), which has an amplifying effect on our manifestations, thoughts, emotions, patterns, etc…. What we have been avoiding within our shadow side on a personal and the collective level will become crystal clear as the coming weeks pass.

How do we make the most of this time for our personal transformation? Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions as a compass that guides you.  What situations are unfolding for you? Have you experienced similar situations, thoughts, emotions? Do you continually find yourself in the same situations despite having changes in friends and groups you affiliate with? Are you having a hard time moving through anger or grief? Perhaps trust issues are coming up?

I’m going to share a personal example to give you an idea of what I am talking about. I felt this retrograde coming before it arrived, as I am sure many of you did.  I had a situation come up just prior to today that left me feeling hurt, angry, and resentful. My ego was having a field day with it too!! LOL It didn’t seem to matter how much I tried to let it go with positive affirmations to move on, it was still really nagging me. I knew there was a deep pattern here for me and the players involved were simply reflecting back to me what I believed to be true about myself through their actions/behaviours. I knew this was a huge gift as I had an opportunity to deeply transform something in a more permanent and lasting way. I did not shy away from it. Instead I did some journaling (thanks to an intuitive message from my friend, Gwenn about revisiting my journal) and really went deeply into the issue. I explored previous situations when I felt that way, was treated that way, and simply kept walking it back in time to my early youth. I engaged Richard in my explorations and we talked about the current players and how strikingly similar they were to players in my past.

It took courage to go within and face whatever was there, but I was dedicated to my personal transformation. Luckily I have the tools to work through such things. Richard and I applied the same skills and tools that we use with our clients and I was able to understand the deeper root of the issues at hand and transform the pattern. This is why I say these planetary alignments are juicy!! The universe is poised to encourage our evolution and growth through astrological influences that highlight particular areas of our lives. I would say right now the universe is strongly encouraging deep explorations. It is a process of personal spiritual alchemy and we are turning ourselves (hearts and minds) into gold in the universal laboratory. I am so excited to see what awaits for the rest of rest of the year after our big transformations. I have a feeling it is going to be a beautiful fabric that we are collectively weaving!!

We are pleased to present the Juicy Astrological Alignment Offer for those who may be having difficulty in working through patterns that block progress to finding resolve in their lives. You can spend an hour with both Monica & Richard (in person or over the phone) delving into your patterns, gaining clarity as to why the issues are arriving for you, and developing new strategies to shift your life permanently, and some deep pattern healing work. Cost for this double healing session only $130.00 (regularly $150.00) This offer is available until February 15th 2015 

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MONICA: Monica’s readings are an experience all their own. Her gifted abilities of psychic intuition, mediumship and channeling allow you to discover many answers to questions about which you may be inquisitive. You will leave Monica’s readings feeling fulfilled, possibly astounded, and experiencing significantly greater clarity about your life. Healing sessions with Monica combine Higher Dimensional Healing frequencies with intuitive messages and information from her guides and yours, that facilitate deeper understanding and forward movement in your journey. RICHARD: Channeling with Richard and The Gang can help you find greater clarity and understanding. For the past 30 years Richard has been exploring the nature of Consciousness & for over 15 years he has been channeling The Gang, a group of non-physical Beings who exist in the higher realms of Consciousness beyond space & time. In a safe, loving & supportive environment you will co-explore with The Gang as they share their perspectives in ways that can help you discover the truth within you & live with greater self-empowerment & inner authority. Do you feel stuck in certain areas of your life? ‘Re-program’ or ‘re-tune’ yourself – to establish a different vibrational way of being. And while it is true that you must make the choice yourself, you can certainly be assisted in the process. The tuning procedure is quite quick, painless & complete; rather like‘re-tuning’ your internal radio to a station that you enjoy. HEALING FROM THE HEART-MONICA & RICHARD: Monica & Richard have doubled their intuitive healing gifts for an intensive new session. “Unity Healing of the Heart”, a double session with both Monica & Richard’s shared energy. WORKSHOPS: Monica & Richard co-present unique experiential workshops that include direct verbal communication with the Higher Realms via channelling, guided meditation and further relevant information. Learn more about how to attune ourselves with the changing energies, and to improve our ability to co-create reality as we know it Sessions with Monica & Richard are available in person or over the phone. All readings/channel sessions are digitally recorded and emailed to you in an MP3 format..


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